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Access control course for NHS

A free digital lock training course for NHS facilities and estates managers is being offered by a manufacturer of standalone access control products, Codelocks. According to the company the course will help managers improve access control within healthcare buildings.

Grant Macdonald, Managing Director of Codelocks, says: “We’ve been helping NHS estates and facilities managers implement cost-effective access control for many years. Drawing on this experience, we are offering a new training course designed to help facilities, estates managers and service engineers make the most of today’s keyless entry door locks.

“Over the years technology has significantly improved the performance of battery-operated digital locks making them increasingly capable. High-specification electronic locks can now perform functions only previously available in traditional access control systems, making them a viable and cost-effective alternative. The course will explain how these products can significantly reduce the amount of time spent managing and programming access codes.”

During the two and a half hour training session the firm will provide advice on digital lock products to use in applications and discuss the pros and cons of mechanical and electronic operation. With hands-on demonstrations attendees will learn how to install, program and service digital door locks.

The training will run at the company’s HQ in Newbury, Berkshire, or if there is enough interest from one location, the firm will do the training on site. To register visit, call 01635 239645 or email

About Codelocks

Codelocks designs and manufactures a range of digital keyless door and cabinet locks. The locks are sold with ‘everything you need in the box’ to fit them, including parts, instructions and templates. Visit


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