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Academy taster

With so many security training and management programmes on offer, how does one possibly pick a reliable programme that will give you both the theory and practical understanding of the subject to be able to be work ready and give added value to the employer?

An initiative by one of the newest security education providers in the sector is a possible answer to this quandary. The Silverback Security Academy, a Norwegian company has produced a workplace and scenario-based programme which turns education and training on its head. Using the “Learning in the Round” philosophy created by Professors Chris Kemp and Patrick Smith of Mind Over Matter (MOM) consultancy and using recognised experts from each relevant discipline the other two directors Jon Jacobsen from SOS Security and Carl Dakin from Dakin Consulting Ltd provide a new style of education and training which creates ready-for-work employees at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Working with a major UK university the team are about to launch a credit-rated Certificate and Diploma course leading to a degree and ultimately Masters in the field of Security Management.

A taster of the programme is running at Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire from August 26 to 28 to provide both those from both Norway and the UK an opportunity to try the Silverback education approach for themselves. The basic premise of the course is to enable participants to become engaged through case studies, scenarios and on-site challenges and ideas, and to support them in identifying and implementing solutions in a purposeful, relaxed and risk-free environment. This helps those participating to make informed decisions in conditions which support education and learning development. All of what Silverback does is based on real-world, real-life situations and those involved have a catalogue of experience including the military, events, security management, cyber security, facilities security and business continuity.

The programme is ostensibly work-based and uses workshops, online activity, one-to-one teaching and learning and reflective assessment to get the best possible results for the individual participant. The programme is due to take place in three locations: Larvik in Norway, Edinburgh and Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire. Participants will come from a range of disciplines and will have the chance to network, visit major security sites and use these as case studies. They will become enveloped in a range of interesting and challenging scenarios and then feed this back through assessment to their peers and tutors. So many programmes today are based on academic learning, at Silverback kinaesthetic learning takes centre stage supporting different learning styles and enabling those without qualifications to attain them by putting into practice what they have learned.

The assessment regime is designed to enable participants not only to negotiate the form and focus of their assignments, but also to use real-live and work-based situations to demonstrate their knowledge and capabilities.

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