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Visual Command Center with Perspective

IDV Solutions and PPM 2000 announced a first round of integration between their respective security products, Visual Command Center risk visualization and response software and Perspective incident reporting and investigation management software. 

The announcement, made at the Microsoft Global Security Integrators Conference 2012 in Redmond, WA, means that organizations can now visualize Perspective incident data within Visual Command Center, a development that will help analysts, investigators and security officers spot patterns and assess risks to their facilities and employees. 

“This integration provides users of both products with immediate value by adding a geospatial dimension to Perspective,” said Mark Morrison, IDV Solutions’ CEO. “Together, we’ve created a powerful tool for uncovering risk patterns and evaluating their potential impact. We look forward to building on this foundation to deepen the integration, and expand the benefits for users.”

The integration lets Visual Command Center display Perspective data on a map and timeline. Users can filter this data interactively, view incidents aggregated by site and then drill down to display the specifics of individual incidents.

“We’re excited about the synergy between our products. Visual Command Center provides additional context that enriches Perspective’s incident tracking and security management features,” Brian McIlravey, CPP, PPM 2000’s Co-CEO said. “Starting with a location on a map—be it a country, a city or a building—Visual Command Center can now overlay an organization’s historical Perspective data to assess incident frequency and to facilitate incident analysis alongside other data sources, including crime statistics, weather patterns, and global disaster data.” 

Visual Command Center is visualization software that helps organizations evaluate risks, by integrating real-time data feeds, enterprise data stores, and security systems in a consolidated view, in the context of location and time.

Perspective, from industry-leading developer PPM 2000, is an end-to-end, total solution for reporting incidents, managing investigations and building cases. Using Perspective, organizations can make informed decisions about security operations and be proactive in their approach to incident reduction.


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