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Visonic Announces High-end Two-way Personalized Keyfob

The new KF-235 PG2 keyfob is available in a choice of elegant styles and can be branded

Tel Aviv, Israel – June 14, 2012 – Visonic, a brand of Tyco Security Products, and a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, today launched the new KF-235 PG2 keyfob. With Visonic’s ground-breaking PowerG wireless technology, the keyfob provides amazing range as well as status indications.

The KF-235 PG2 is a small, four-button keyfob used to perform the most common alarm commands: arming/disarming, panic alarm and viewing the alarm system’s status. It eliminates the need to remember codes, making the use of the home alarm system as easy as operating a car’s alarm.

The KF-235 PG2 keyfob boasts a small, slim and modern design. Available in a selection of colors and patterns for users to choose from – bubbles, metal, wood and black rubber– it offers users the opportunity to express themselves. Additionally, it can be personalized to align with a brand or company logo (when ordered in large quantities).

“Keyfobs simplify operation of an alarm system by allowing users to perform the most common commands, easily and quickly, without having to type in a code,” commented Yaron Dolev, Director of Product Management at Visonic. “With all the benefits of a keyfob and the flexibility to personalize the look of the device, the KF-235 PG2 offers the ideal combination of style and functionality.”

The KF-235 PG2 works with PowerMaster security systems. 


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