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UK hub choice

Pharmaceutical logistics company Movianto has selected Raytec LED technology as part of a security upgrade at its UK headquarters in Bedford.

After an extensive survey of the site, security integrator Centra Security Systems (UK) recommended replacing the ageing low pressure sodium lighting around the perimeter of the site because it provided poor quality and unreliable illumination.

Centra selected Raytec to provide a range of low energy Infra-Red LED illuminators to improve the performance of the CCTV system at night. Raytec says that its units guarantee highest quality surveillance images at night working alongside the latest megapixel PTZ and static network cameras

Raj Garcha, facilities and security manager at Movianto UK commented:
“The quality of the surveillance images in twilight and over night is now much better than we had before with sodium lighting. We used to have poor quality yellowed CCTV images and poor coverage of key entrances and exits and car park activity at night. Now we can easily identify who is moving around on site after dark wherever they are”.

RAYMAX 300 Infra-Red illuminators were installed alongside megapixel AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome cameras on the existing eight-metre high lamp posts. The RAYMAX 300 units deliver 180 degree wide angle lighting for domes up to a distance of 100 metres and are ideal for a PTZ installation around the perimeter of a large and high value site such as this.  They deliver the highest quality illumination so that the cameras are able to generate excellent black and white images which are perfect for identification purposes, over a wide angle and long distance area.

RAYMAX 100 Infra-Red units and AXIS P13 static network cameras were also installed around the site to monitor key areas including fire exits and loading bays.

All Raytec LED units offer more than a 10 year life, have a very low power consumption and require zero maintenance. They deliver huge operational savings on power usage and maintenance bills which have been estimated to run into thousands of pounds per year for Movianto. Utilising the existing lamp posts also significantly reduced the installation costs.

Raj Garcha added: “The Raytec LED units have enabled us to make noticeable savings of power usage despite moving from partial to near total surveillance cover site-wide.”

David Brinkley, managing director, Centra Security Systems (UK) said:
“Raytec’s RAYMAX IR units have proven to be brilliant at Movianto’s UK distribution hub. They work fantastically well alongside the high quality HD PTZ and fixed dome network cameras we specified. And the power and maintenance savings they offer, quite apart from the improvement in the quality of night-time surveillance images, makes their selection a no-brainer for us and the customer alike.”


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