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SeeSense CS-mount camera sales ten times that of the C-mount original

SeeSense has proved that a CS-mount version of the Toshiba IK-HR1S camera is what their market demands! SeeSense CEO Nigel Paine  said “ Sales of our IK-HR1P camera have been tenfold that of the standard Toshiba IK-HR1S C-Mount original.” 

“The great advantage of the CS-mount camera is the huge range of megapixel lenses that we have at our disposal” said SeeSense MD Nigel Paine.
“Many of these lenses have a wide aperture helping to improve the camera’s low light performance. Furthermore generally smaller optics means a more compact camera and lens combination.”
Sales of the first batch of CS-mount heads have proved how adaptable the camera is and how diverse their use has been.
Research: These cameras are being prepared for deployment 3 Km beneath the Antarctic ice fields to explore Lake Ellsworth.
Small diameter wide angle megapixel CS-mount lenses were selected so the glass viewports could be as small as possible to help withstand the extreme pressures at these depths.
In-Car: The camera’s compact nature and the use of quality lenses meant the IK-HR1P has been chosen as in-car camera for shooting the forthcoming programme “Finland’s Worst Drivers”.
Natural History: Recently SeeSense modified the camera further to make a miniature IR sensitive camera capable of recording stunning high definition images of woodcock and seals at night.
Gaming: The compact and unobtrusive Toshiba camera design means they are being used as POV cameras viewing roulette wheels in on-line gaming. However there are no C-mount lenses capable of obtaining an 85 degree vertical field of view for the 16:9 1/3″ 1-CMOS sensor. SeeSense research and expertise helped them source and test a suitable CS-mount alternative.
SeeSense can also fit its unique CS-mount front to Toshiba’s IK-HR1D and IK-HR2D cameras.
Despite their compact nature (only 44 x 44 x 78mm) and like the Toshiba IK-HD1 3-CCD camera, their great performance means that these little high definition cameras have a proven place alongside much larger cameras used in the Broadcast Industry.
Toshiba cameras have received a seal of approval from the BBC HD Department and are proving their worth world wide.
Co-founded by Nigel & Jana Paine, SeeSense are experienced imaging professionals, supplying camera and lens solutions to broadcast, scientific, medical, machine vision and high end security industries. 
They have brought their individual areas of expertise together to create an enterprising and innovative business specialising in the sale and distribution of miniature cameras and associated camera solutions.  The core of the business is based upon the Toshiba range of industrial cameras. 


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