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Security Twenty 13 Birmingham

Roy Cooper, Professional Security MD writes:

Let me tell you about a new development: Security Twenty 13. Professional Security Magazine is running a one-day seminar for readers.

People have been saying to me for years, would we put an event on? And we are aware that there are always changes in the industry to keep up with – that’s why we bring you the magazine and the website! We know how difficult it is to understand and keep up to date with changes. As we have the info, we thought we would put it into a seminar. It’s in Birmingham, it’s on Wednesday, March 27, and it’s at the Forest of Arden Hotel. It’s a Marriott hotel and country club at Meriden near the Birmingham NEC.

It’s free to visit, if you are a VIP – that’s an end user, consultant, specifier, installer, integrator or someone invited by an exhibitor.

For details of how to be an exhibitor at the event, ring me on 01922 415 233 or email me at

The idea is, you will go away having learned something that you should maybe know, but probably didn’t, whether it’s what is going on with the Security Industry Authority, whether it’s new standards around CCTV, manned guarding, or new British Standards on alarms. Whether you are an installer, an end user, a consultant, or someone to do with private security in the police or the armed forces, or a buyer of security services – our aim is to get the key people into the room and share knowledge, that would take you hours to read up and work out for yourselves. We know how long it can take!? We want our event to be a worthwhile use of your time, whether you are in corporate security, local government CCTV or retail loss prevention. You might know some of what we’re bringing you, but not all of it.

We want exhibitors to talk about case studies, real life situations where there’s been a problem and it’s been resolved. That’s what people always want to read about, whether they’re in security in banks, or shops. Everybody wants to know what others are doing, so they can learn. That’s why we run four pages of ‘Spending the Budget’ each issue; now at our Security Twenty 13 event, you can ask questions and get an answer back. With the exhibitors you can see some products you maybe haven’t seen before. The evening before, Tuesday, March 26, there’s a networking dinner, where you can meet like-minded people and talk about what’s going on, and what everyone’s doing. And for the selected few that get in early, there will be a golf competition. So if you are an avid golfer, there’ll be a four-ball golf event at the Forest of Arden, which the CCTV distributor Videcon are organising for us. Thanks guys. That’ll be on the Tuesday afternoon of March 26 and we will present the prizes at the evening dinner. There’ll be a dinner raffle to raise money for a local charity.

We are arranging nine speakers, around coffee breaks and lunch. Come and be our guest at Birmingham!

If you want to see how nice the venue is, visit the Marriott website.

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