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Risk intelligence

Commercial risk intelligence and forecasting is an industry that has long been dominated by large British and US concerns. Now, there is a new player – from Hong Kong. Allan & Associates (A&A), a security and crisis management consultancy, has launched an updated range of advisory and analysis services that the firm says offers a fresh perspective on global risks.

The A2 Global Information Service provides a spectrum of indicators, maps and warnings to alert its clients to events that could disrupt, compromise or endanger their commercial interests and personnel. It offers advice on how to mitigate these threats, in the immediate and strategic outlook, drawing on the decades of experience of A&A’s senior staff.

Bradley Allan, CEO of A&A, says: “Our aim is to help manage the space between a plan or a journey and its satisfactory resolution. This means providing context, actionable information and advice to our clients in order to help them operate in often complex and unfamiliar business environments.”

Accessed online and delivered via a mobile app, A2 Global produces daily security alerts and briefings to accompany its detailed analyses of business, political, travel and security-related scenarios in almost 300 countries and cities where expatriate staff live, work and travel.

Gavin Greenwood, Director A2 Global, says:“In an increasingly litigious world, all companies need to be aware of the dangers posed by the less obvious and often seemingly remote threats to their employees and shareholders. Due diligence is now a recognised corporate responsibility, but the failure to meet duty of care obligations is the new asbestosis – omissions that can haunt a company for decades if not recognised and mitigated at source.”



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