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Recording Communications in Stadiums

In an increasingly security conscious, litigious and results driven world, stadium managers are finding that communications recording is vital to meet their duty of care, management and legal requirements. Storacall communications recorders provide fully featured recording solutions that can help to protect control room operations, stewards and the stadium organisation from disputes and litigation especially in the case of high profile events such as a match or a concert with 10,000’s of attendees.

Storacall recording platforms are designed to provide cost effective and reliable recording solutions for 4 to 32 channels of radio, public address, intercom & telephone communications. It is ideal where recording facilities are required for security, training or verification applications. Because the design is modular, additional recording channels are easily added.  Calls and sections of audio can quickly be located and played via an easy to use secure web browser from any PC on the network and the playback software allows quick location of audio by time & date, duration, channel ID, or notes. Recordings are encrypted and stored on the integral hard drive, this holds approx 25,000 hrs. You can also archive audio on to the DVD RAM or use NAS/SAN devices if longer storage is required.

All recordings are stored secure, but you can export and e-mail/copy any of your original audio quickly and easily.

Storacall recorders are used throughout the UK providing highly reliable scaleable solutions, which assists managers to review and verify information, assist dispute resolution, and provide liability protection and irrefutable evidence.

Storacall recorders are available for outright purchase or on rental. A full information pack is available from Storacall Publicity on 01932 710710 or email [email protected]


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