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Product information RIVA RTC1100

RIVA´s advanced H.264/MJPG thermal camera series RTC1100 is one of the world´s first thermal imaging IP cameras combining state of the art technology with embedded video analytics, powered by VCA Technology. 

RIVA RTC1100 series, available with 9Hz or 30Hz frame rate, is designed for network use and combined with an outdoor housing the operating temperature is at -40°C to +50°C.
The advanced tracking algorithm and “VCAdetect” license with direction, speed and dwell filter and object classification (animals, people, cars, etc) are already included as a standard feature and can be extended by optional VCA filters.

RIVA´s thermal imaging camera with dual stream, USB port and SD card slot offers wide angle lens options (4 different focal lengths) to optimize its coverage efficiency and is available in resolution of 320×240.

Equipped with a high performance bolometer sensor and specially designed thermal imaging lenses, it is one of the most advanced camera systems available in the marketplace today, working in 8-14 ? wavelengths detecting heat radiation all objects emit.






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