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Quad Active Beams

OPTEX’s Smart Line Series of Quad technology, battery-powered Active Beams is now available to the market. The new series provides a perimeter solution designed to operate with any leading wireless system. Smart Line dramatically reduces the need for a cabled infrastructure and is ideal in remote or difficult locations, delivering individual 100m areas of reliable detection.

OPTEX’s Smart Line Series can be mounted on either a wall, post or housed in 1.75m or 3m covert towers. Tower configurations can be tailored to specific requirements ranging from a single head to multi head installations. The new Quad technology uses an advanced alignment system designed to improve reliability and further increasing the likelihood of an intrusion being detected.

Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director for OPTEX, says that technology like the Sniper viewfinder helps the installer with alignment, improving performance and reducing the hassle of installation: “OPTEX’s Smart Line Series expands the installers choice and introduces wireless beam solutions into the long range Active Beam market. With a battery life of up to eight years, and IP65 compliant to prevent the ingress of water, dirt and insects, perimeter security has reached a new benchmark in cost effective reliability,” he says. “With Smart Line there is no need for expensive cables to be run, no civil works or digging of trenches, and that in turn means that remote locations, where only essential services power is available, can now benefit from the reliabilityinherent within all of OPTEX’s detection technologies.”

Takuya says that with the new Smart Line Series there is now better performance coupled with huge savings to be made on conventional applications like perimeter CCTV and intruder systems. But it is in remote locations with larger perimeters that the new technology really scores: “If you’ve wanted to use battery powered Active Beams in the past but discounted them for lack of power, then take another look – and specifically take another look at the new Smart Line Series,” he says. “Now there is no such thing as too remote for an alarm.”

Two versions of the product are currently available: the standard (SL-350QNR) and a four-channel beam version with variable frequencies (the SL-350QFR). The SL-350QFR is also available with a pre-fitted Inovonics wireless transmitter as part of the OPTEX i-series range (SL-350QFRi).


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