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OPTEX REDSCAN Laser detector integrated by three major VMS suppliers

The ability for OPTEX® REDSCAN® detectors to integrate with IP CCTV systems and have their alarms  received and controlled via a single video management or control and command software has now been enhanced following the successful integration of the company’s award-winning laser detector with three major Video Management Software providers: AxxonSoft, Genetec and Milestone. 

The REDSCAN event code is now integrated with Axxon’s Intellect Physical Security Information System (PSIM), Genetec’s Security Center unified platform and Milestone XProtect® Corporate and XProtect® Enterprise IP video management platforms. The integration in effect greatly simplifies the installer’s task as well as providing the installer and its customer with greater flexibility in terms of security systems design and control. 

Alarms now triggered by the REDSCAN detector are received and processed by the VMS/PSIM platform, thus creating a genuinely ‘integrated’ security response.

The OPTEX REDSCAN is an innovative laser-scan detector that identifies a moving object’s size, speed, and distance. It processes that information with a unique algorithm, resulting in a highly reliable detection system with minimal false alarms. 

“With the high demand for this type of unified platforms, system integrators can now offer their customers the addition of REDSCAN’s exceptional perimeter security detection features for the most highly sensitive military, public sector and commercial installations,” says Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director of Optex Europe.

“Combining REDSCAN sensor technology with IP CCTV or large networked security systems means events triggered by the detector can be centrally visually verified and correlated with other security events in one single platform. This is key to providing a reliable protection for critical sites,” he continues. 

For more information about the integration, please contact us at [email protected]


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