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On-Line Workforce Management Software

Gallinet’s PeopleHours™ On-Line workforce management, scheduling and monitoring software can now utilise SMS and E-mail messaging direct to employees.


The application allows schedulers and managers to plan workforce deployments and the introduction of a new messaging module now allows for bulk roster delivery to employees via their recorded preference of SMS, E-mail or both. Individual amendments to scheduled duties can also trigger a notification to all affected employees to include the option of additional messages attached. Similarly periods of annual leave, training courses and many other events can all be sent to employees as they are scheduled.

The monitoring application records staff arrivals on duty and can take automated action in the event of non-arrival including telephone calls to the employees or electronic notifications to contract managers alerting them of the shortfalls.
The new feature was developed following requests from users seeking to free themselves from either making numerous and time consuming telephone calls or despatch increasingly expensive letters to staff
The notification services are provided to clients as a fee expansion.


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