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Meyertech Launches New CCTV Incident Logging Software

Meyertech, a leading UK technology company which specialises in the development of CCTV video management solutions today launched Fusion-Incident-Vantage, the latest version of its popular incident logging and reporting software during the CCTV User Group Conference here at Hellidon Lakes, Daventry, England.

Fusion-Incident-Vantage is an IT based CCTV management information platform that solves the unique challenge of logging incidents in a busy control room environment by employing a simple to use real-time interface which replaces paper-based systems often found to be inefficient, difficult to keep track of, demand increasing storage and which are often open to interpretation.

“Using point & click, auto and quick text features, detailed FI-Vantage incident-logs can be created in under 30 seconds by the touch of a button”.

Fusion-Incident-Vantage allows you to work smarter and more effectively by collating incident-log data into meaningful information providing key performance indicators with which to ‘benchmark’ your CCTV operation. Incident-log data can then be filtered to provide reports, for example, on the number of arrests per council ward or the number of requests to view/seize in the last month. Users can then output reports in rich graphic format or to a spread-sheet application.Video Management Systems DesignersPage 2 of 2

In summary Fusion-Incident-Vantage users can; Log incidents in real-time; Create incident logs in under 30-seconds using point & click and auto-text; Link and save multimedia files with incident logs; Create, view and edit incident-logs as independent users or as part of a workgroup; Store and organise images with the new Gallery feature; Manage multiple Request To View/Seize records; Produce comprehensive management reports and KPI’s.

To discover more about Fusion-Incident-Vantage and how it can automate and simplify your incident-logging and KPI reporting process follow the link or contact our sales team today on +44 (0) 161 643 7956.


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