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Installer advice from MD

The age old question every installer wants to know is ‘how do I win more business?’ Followed by ‘who can help me?’ and ‘what is the easiest way to do this?’. CCTVdirect can answer all these questions, and more, writes Mark Raine, pictured, Managing Director of the distributor. 



Let’s start with the basics. Your customer has needs. These needs are to be fulfilled, by you, the installer. The only way for you to fulfil these needs is to have a distributor who can fulfil your needs. With us so far? Good. The only way to meet the needs of your customer is to have a value added proposal, with a range of cameras to suit any situation. 


What customers expect

Nobody wants to be told that they can’t have what they want. That’s why you should offer them everything they need and more. CCTVdirect can provide you with everything your customer could ever need, and will give you guidance to win more contracts and improve your business. For example, your customer wants a low cost option that still performs better than most on the market at the same price range; you choose the Twilight Pro internal dome camera with 600TV lines and low light capability. Or, you may have a customer with a budget to blow and a requirement for cameras that pull out all the stops, and if this is the case, you would choose the Killercam, a true day night external bullet camera with up to 100m infra-red night vision. It is always important to have the knowledge to be able to up-sell or down-sell dependent on what your customer’s budgets and requirements are. Even when up-selling, it is important to be competitive on price and to understand the price range of your customer, and to never out-bid yourself. This said, don’t be scared to offer your customer more than what they have asked for. If you can sell them the benefits of why it would work for them, the probability is that you would be on to a winner. 


Knowledge to up-sell

Fast emerging in the CCTV industry are high definition cameras and also IP network cameras. CCTVdirect train installers on how to use these and also the benefits of using these cameras, which is important information that you can pass on to your customers. CCTVdirect offer a full HD CCTV range, such as the full 1080p high definition Twilight Pro internal body camera. Or, for those customers looking for a branded option, CCTVdirect also sell the full range of JVC cameras, including high definition IP cameras, with internal Super LoLux body cameras, which provides colour images even in low light, and is the lowest light capability in the industry. Popular options for up-selling would be to upgrade customers to an infra-red version camera, higher voltage, or true day-night. CCTVdirect have such a range of cameras that there are always alternatives to provide customers, so you should never fall short, to suit any need, any installation, and any customer. And this is why they also teach you the relevant knowledge that you need to be able to up-sell and guarantee a contract. 


Added benefits 

CCTVdirect also offer to beat any like for like quote, as well as all the added extras you get from buying through them such as long warranties, as they have faith in their products lasting, and when they don’t they will be the first to hold their hands up and take relevant actions to put it right. The satisfaction of the end user is key, and with a distributor that understands this and isn’t keen to make a quick buck, you can see the benefits of partnering with a company like CCTVdirect. 


What to remember

There are several key factors your customer will consider when making a purchase. The first is most likely to be: is the camera cost-effective. This doesn’t always mean the lowest price, but the best value for money. With a range of cameras starting from £39 right up to high end, CCTVdirect can ensure a camera to meet any budget, and each camera undergoes a rigorous testing routine before being permitted for use. Your customer is next going to decide if the camera is suitable for them, and here you will be able to apply the knowledge you have been provided to be able to sell the benefits and try to upgrade your customers choice, whether it be by a higher specification or selling the benefits of new technologies like HD or IP. Never fall short again when quoting for a contract, and be sure that you can lean on a distributor like CCTVdirect to help you grow your business.  


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