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Harper Chalice electric security fencing praised for saving business £50k a year

One of Wales’ most successful caravan companies, Newport Caravans, is prospering and saving at least £50,000 a year, thanks to the latest electric  security fence technology from Harper Chalice.  The PulseSecure system, installed by Owl Security, is not only preventing thieves and vandals from getting into the site, it is also saving the company thousands of pounds on unreliable security patrols.


“We’re delighted with the system – it paid for itself in the first nine  months,” says Director, Rob Lynch. “It’s really reliable and having great  security has given us the confidence to get on with building our business.”

 Newport Caravans, which is a major retail centre for leading caravan brands including Swift and Sterling, had previously been depending on guarding services, but found them costly and not always reliable.

 So as well as saving money, Newport Caravans is now better protected by its new electric security fence system. Not only does the British-made PulseSecure ‘hit back’ at would-be criminals, it gives reliable early warning at the very moment when somebody attempts to  get into any site. It can be mounted onto fences, walls and even roofs, and because the system is not prone to ‘false alarms’, any alert can be trusted as genuine, so an immediate response by police or security staff is triggered.

 “The systems never sleeps, it never misses anything, and it never makes mistakes,” says Julian Baker whose company Owl Security installed the technology.

 In fact, as well as helping local businesses, PulseSecure is also being used at some of the highest security sites around the country – from well-known visitor attractions and city centre sites, up to nuclear power stations.

It has been extensively tested by official agencies to prove its effectiveness under attack, and it is also approved under the police ‘Secured by Design’ programme (police preferred specification).

 “We have real peace of mind with this system,” adds Rob Lynch. “There’s no question, I would recommend it to any business worried about crime.”


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