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Euro wireless ZEM (EURO-ZEM32-WE) from Castle

The launch of the Euro wireless ZEM (EURO-ZEM32-WE) from Castle means adding Pyronix Enforcer peripherals to your wired system is now a reality. Bridging the gap between wired and wireless, the wireless ZEM enables 32 wireless inputs, 2 wireless bells and 32 wireless keyfobs 

to be added to your wired system; the two way wireless in the Enforcer peripherals ensures that substituting high security for ease of installation is no longer an issue.

The ability to learn the Enforcer wireless devices to a Castle Euro control panel* with the touch of a button means that expanding your system is simple, quick and cost effective.

Pyronix UK Sales Director, Guy Dodd commented “This really is a breakthrough for installers. No longer will time consuming additions to wired systems have to take place. With the Wireless ZEM, expanding a system is now easier than ever, whilst still maintaining the robust and secure nature of a wired system.”

To discover more on what the Euro wireless ZEM can do for you, please visit   


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