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Security print and business solution provider, Kalamazoo Security Print ( reports that it is helping businesses to ensure that authorised guests are made aware of fire safety regulations with its Visitor Management Solutions (VMS). This technology is also helping companies avoid potential arson attacks by preventing unauthorised people from entering buildings.

Since radical reforms to UK fire safety legislation came into force in 2006 (The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order), responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors whilst on premises lies solely with the company. With the average cost of a fire in a commercial building in England and Wales alone, estimated to be £43,800 according to the Department for Communities & Local Government, it is imperative that guests are informed of company fire procedures and a clear record made of when, where and why they are visiting the building.
Companies should also consider ways to protect themselves against deliberate fire damage. With Government figures now putting the annual cost of arson to the UK economy at well over £2billion, businesses need to take precautions against unauthorised people entering the premises.
Kalamazoo says that its VMS offer a way to help monitor guest activity, whether that is who enters and leaves a building; who they accompany or how long they stay.  Whether a business is contained on a single-site, a multi-tenanted building or across a number of locations, there is a system on the market to suit every type of organisation, according to the firm. Kalamazoo provides three types of VMS: hand-written paper-based, PC (VisitorNet) and online (iVisitor) systems.
Health and safety regulations state that every person within a building must be made aware of emergency exits and procedures. For employees, this generally constitutes part of an induction process, but for visitors, including contractors working within the building, this can sometimes be overlooked. Key information such as fire exits, evacuation meeting points and a layout of the building can be incorporated onto Kalamazoo’s guest passes, which are then required to be worn at all times whilst in the building. This provides visitors with a quick reference should an emergency occur.
In the event of a fire, a VMS also provides companies with an accurate fire list to determine who is visiting. Lists can be instantly printed from Kalamazoo’s PC-based and online VMS, making it quick and easy to identify whether guests are still inside the building. This list of guests is also important if an incident of arson takes place.
What they say

Richard Farmer, UK Sales Director at Kalamazoo Security Print, said: "A VMS clearly demonstrates to staff, contractors and visitors alike that security is taken very seriously and can also help aid the police in catching an arsonist. By providing a detailed list of exactly who was on the premises on a specific date and time including the host details, a company can quickly eliminate visitors from an investigation or call upon them if a potential suspect."


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