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F-Secure, an internet security firm, reports that it has launched a Service Platform for Business.

According to the IT firm, it is for multiple service providers to offer security services to the small and medium sized business sector (SMB). The service, based upon client software and an www-based administration portal, developed by F-Secure, offers, it is claimed, protection against present data security threats, through the business client itself or via the service provider.

The advantage of the new service, it is claimed, is the increased automation in security, and ease of management. Accordingly, companies have to spend less time implementing and managing security, than with traditional security software, the firm claims. The product is able to protect against viruses, spyware, malware and intrusion attempts, it is claimed; it also includes a firewall, and spam and content filtering. A company’s workstations and the network covered by the service can be controlled through the web-based management portal.

The concept has been piloted with four service providers: New World Telecom in Hong Kong, intY in the UK, the portal in Italy and Finnet in Finland.

What they say

Richard Hales, UK and Ireland country manager at F-Secure said: “The needs of IT security change continuously, which, in turn, places great demands on enterprises to increase know-how, resources and budgets to cover maintenance and upkeep. Until now, security as a service has been out of reach for SMBs, so they had to choose between consumer products and enterprise grade solutions, without either being particularly well suited to their needs. The F-Secure Service Platform for Business enables the SMB sector to access cost-efficient security services, which they presently lack. The pilot schemes have proved the workability of this solution, and service providers –such as Internet service providers, telcos and other types of network service providers – have proven to be the natural choice for service provision to this significant business sector."

For virus threat scenario news at the F-Secure Data Security Lab weblog:


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