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How big are emerging security threats?

Digital technology background

Looking ahead is always essential when it comes to the security industry. So, from global issues to business concerns, as well as the rising problem of epistemic security, here are some newly emerging security threats and our assessment of them: 


Emerging Security Threats

Cyber Security (Beyond Covid-19)

As we discussed in a Piece Last Month on Security After Coronavirus, there will be challenges moving forward that companies need to meet. One area of such considerations will be cyber security. 

The shift to remote working has seen many people consider Online Security Risks more seriously. But, future issues may include more prolific phishing scams, data breaches from video conferences and the development of new tactics from cyber criminals. Moreover even post-Covid, cyber security threats relating to the easing of lockdowns, Vaccination Scams, and other pandemic updates are likely to continue. Cyber security is always a highly serious threat, meaning these new issues will need to be counter-acted effectively by companies.


Global Issues: A Rise In Epistemic Security?

Ongoing global security issues, such as varying US-China relations, are likely to still impact international businesses and those dealing in advanced technology industries. Indeed, politics may have a big role in the Considerations Companies Make Around 5G, for instance. 

Firms around the world should also be aware of epistemic security issues. This is essentially a new concept based on the idea of keeping knowledge secure. In the context of 2021, it would concern disinformation surrounding Covid-19 and vaccines. Unproven claims around areas like this could threaten businesses by prolonging a return to normal operations. Thus, even though it’s a relatively new idea, it could pose an emerging threat that should be taken seriously in the security industry.


Business Security: Return of Normality and the age of Green Technology

Businesses will need to readapt to physical security demands whenever their premises reopen. This is a serious issue that companies need to prepare for in the coming months. 

Meanwhile, a more long-term emerging security trend is the considerations around new green technology. Depending on government policies, some businesses may be required to invest in new resources and machinery. In turn, this could require new security and risk assessment planning to ensure firms meet safety standards. This may not be as immediately urgent as some of the other security issues here, but it will be something businesses may have to prepare for nonetheless.


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