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Family Of Recorders

At the beginning of 2005 HeiTel introduces the new CamDisc svr (svr: server) DVR product family, with four or ten video inputs, to the security market.

HeiTel report that their new generation is again based on a hardware platform specially developed to ensure a solid base for video transmission, video recording, remote access and monitoring centre integration for all security applications. The German firm points to the MultiLink technology employed by the new range of transmitters and recorders. MultiLink enables the simultaneous transmission of video and audio over differing transmission mediums for example a TCP/IP and an ISDN connection can take place at the same time. All the new products can connect to various high and low bandwidth connections: LAN, ADSL/Cable (Internet), PSTN, ISDN, GSM (HSCSD), the makers add.
All the devices are optimised for alarm verification, the firm claims. As such connection with a monitoring station can be established by any of the following means: activation of alarm contact, video motion detection, timed service call and fault reporting.


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