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Email Confidential

Sending sensitive information by conventional email is like mailing it on a postcard ? it can be intercepted and read by curious, malicious or unauthorised parties and there is no proof of delivery. So says Gordon Olson, chairman, Meticulus Solutions.

These factors are a major current concern in the legal profession, medicine and the financial services industry because security and confidentiality
cannot be guaranteed.

Previously, the only alternative has been either to revert to fax or post or install complex, difficult to use, additional email programs that required secure links between sender and receiver. The Red Letter product, from Meticulus Solutions, eliminates these weaknesses, without causing any disruption to either the sender or those receiving the email, the makers say. E-mails can be sent from any mail application, without having to install additional software and can be received in any SSL capable web browser.

The system works on a secure server appliance, situated within the sender?s firewall. E-mails are composed as normal, and simply tagged to be sent by recorded delivery. Recipients then receive a notification email telling them they have new mail ready for collection and inviting the entry of a previously agreed password. On successful entry recipients receive their
128 bit SSL-secured email and any attachments in their web browser, ready to be printed or downloaded. The sender gets an automatic receipt once the email is accessed.

No more software

No additional software is installed and emails are protected using industrial strength encryption, the firm says. Password-protected audit logs on the server
keep full records of all secure emails sent. Red Letter is being launched on January 23. Visit


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