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Deployables Debut

Rapidvu’s Metalmidi Hybrid was shown for the first time at the recent Safe Newcastle & Global MSC Security Seminar, at the Gosforth Park Marriott in Newcastle in November.

Steve Reece, Managing Director of RapidVu, said: “Metalmidi was already being talked about before anyone saw it, so it’s no real surprise that there was a great deal of interest when we unveiled the concept for the first time in Newcastle. However, even we have been surprised by just how many people think that Metalmidi will offer such short-term benefits that they want to get the product on board as soon as possible. Through our combined decades of experience in the industry, we knew there was a demand for this type of solution and all the feedback we have had from the market so far tells us we made a great decision to launch it.”

An addition to the Metalmidi range is the new Hybrid product from RapidVU. The rapidly deployable product has 3G/GPRS, offering 99 per cent UK-wide coverage for a range of deployment applications. Metalmidi Hybrid has AD Group’s proprietary DVR technology and Essential Viewing’s video streaming solutions technology, to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. As a ruggedised, directional camera, the Metalmidi is multi-directional, with infrared capability and includes a wiper for the eye, so it can operate in all weather. For further information, visit the RapidVu website –


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