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CAMIS Conference

At Birkbeck, University of London, the theme of the fourth CAMIS Security Management Conference will be “Implementing robust security strategies in uncertain times”. The conference will be held between September 7 to 9.

Organisers say that a number of subject areas have been identified including: risk and uncertainty in both developed countries and emerging markets; government-industry partnerships; business continuity planning; the need for anti-counterfeiting measures; the education, training and recruitment of security specialists; information security; communicating security threats to the general public; the need for governance; and various others. More information about the conference will be made available via the CAMIS newsletter throughout 2009. Those readers that have not already done so are encouraged to contact Dr. Peter Trim if they have a specific desire to have a theme included in the conference. There will be a reduced conference fee for speakers. Paper presentations may well fall under the following set of subject headings/areas:

Business Continuity Planning
Corporate Governance
Corporate Intelligence
Corporate Security
Corporate Social Responsibility
Counteracting Organized Crime
Counteracting the Actions of Terrorist Networks
Crisis Management
Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Policy Making
Disaster Management and Planning
Education, Training and Simulation Exercises
Food Security
Global Risk Management
Homeland Security
Information Security
International Relations
IT Security and Computer Forensics
Leadership and Ethical Behaviour in Uncertain Times
Major Sporting Events and Security
Management Theory and the Subject of Resilience
Modelling and Scenario Analysis
National Security
Protecting Critical National Infrastructure
Public and Private Sector Partnerships
Strategic Management of Health Policies
Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing and Offshoring Security Issues
Transportation and Security.

Those wishing to contact Dr Peter Trim, the director of CAMIS and editor of the CAMIS newsletter, can do so at the address below.

Centre for Advanced Management and Interdisciplinary Studies (CAMIS),
Department of Management,
School of Management & Organizational Psychology,
University of London,
Malet Street,
London. WC1E 7HX. Or email


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