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Burglary Spoiled

Two thieves thought they had all the time in the world to strip off the valuable lead from the roof of a nursing home in Scunthorpe that was closed while a major extension was being built.

What they didn’t realise was that the security system in place worked, culminating in their arrest. Their criminal activity in stealing the lead activated the TagAlarm wireless security system; unknown to them it sent an alert signal to Eyewatch Security based in Scunthorpe. Eyewatch Security dispatched one of their security guards to investigate the alarm activations and arrived just as the thieves were using tarpaulin sheeting from the site to carry away their spoils. The security guard used his trained dog, extremely effective in these circumstances, to detain the thieves and called for the police – they arrived and immediately arrested the two males.

Richard Lang, Managing Director of Tag Guard Ltd, makers of the TagAlarm system, said: "With the very high value of scrap metal like lead this type of crime is becoming increasingly common place. This was a text-book example of how a good security system should work – our wireless alarm technology sent a signal to a partner security company, in this case Eyewatch Security, and one of their security officers, using the proven effectiveness of a guard dog, was able to detain the thieves until the police arrived and made the arrests."


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