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Automated Fingerprints

Sagem Défense Sécurité reports it has signed a contract with Estonia’s Ministry of Finance to modernize the country’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Building, the firm says, on a relationship that started in 1998 with the delivery of the first AFIS in Tallinn, Sagem DS will provide its Automated Fingerprint and Palm print Identification System, known as MetaMorpho AFIS.

Sagem DS adds that it will provide a turnkey system, which includes two types of remote workstations fully integrated in the AFIS in order to automatically process 1) the tenprint form of enrolled offenders and 2) the two index fingerprints captured to check identity.

Estonian police forces will be among the first in Europe to use Sagem DS’s brand new MorphoRapid Terminal – a portable device based on PDA technology and an optical capture unit. With two index fingerprints, it can confirm identity by connecting to a central AFIS or its local database of up to 100 000 people, according to the French manufacturers.

By making police information available across the country, Estonian police will increase the number of criminals identified and prosecuted, it is claimed.


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