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Daitem has introduced several slimline detectors for its wire free alarm system, Espace.

In addition to its passive infra-red (PIR) detector for volumetric protection and contact detectors there is now a pet motion detector, a passageway and curtain motion detector, a dual technology motion detector and a smoke detector for the system.

The pet motion detector uses a specific lens and electronic filtering to distinguish between a human body and an animal that weighs up to 12 kg, according to the makers. The dual technology motion detector uses both passive infrared detection and hyper frequency detection technology for difficult environments such as conservatories or unheated storerooms. The latter confirms the PIR detection for greater reliability, the manufacturers say.

The four motion detectors all use passive infra red detection with temperature compensation. They can be programmed for different activation levels ranging from discrete pre alert to a full intrusion alarm. They also feature a built in temperature sensor; this can act as a fire hazard alarm, with rate of rise and fixed point detection capability, or as a technical alarm if the temperature suddenly drops below 50C. Daitem adds that the alarm has up to 80 alarm points and eight separate partitions. A typical four bedroom house using six detectors, two door contacts and a siren should take less than half a day for installation, it is claimed. In addition, the firm says, it requires no mains power so there are no complications with Part P regulations.


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