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Travel advice

Is the world becoming a more dangerous place to travel? In a word, Yes. However, dangers can be prevented or mitigated by prudent planning and integrated staff travel policies and practices. Even in the most challenging locations, essential business travel can be enabled by professional advisers.

So says Pilgrims Senior Advisor, Sir David Veness, the former senior Met Police and United Nations man, who this week was opening the London First resilience conference at Kings Place, London. On the Pilgrims website he looks at the real and current issues facing business travellers and the strategies that corporations need to implement to protect their staff.

Too often there is insufficient attention to corporate security, inadequate security resources especially abroad and deficiencies in planning, preparation and deployment. Lack of specific attention to the safety needs of female employees including local nationals is a frequent error, he writes.

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Pictured: Sougia, southern Crete.


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