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Sussex command centre donation

Sussex 4×4 Response provides transportation and other services to support the community in times of need. Through its volunteer responders and the use of their privately owned 4×4 vehicles it transports medical staff and supplies through bad weather, assists police including the support of search and rescue teams and also assists other charities in managing road closures and similar activities.

Sussex Police has donated a Mercedes Vito van to the group to help it carry out its vital work supporting the force in adverse weather and assisting search and rescue teams and its other community activities.

The van, which the charity will decorate with the Sussex 4×4 Response livery, was coming to the end of its life with the force.

It is equipped with a control desk, sockets and electrics necessary to run radio equipment inside. It will allow members of the charity to set up a base close to the scene of an incident and co-ordinate their activities with those of other agencies so its volunteers are in the right place at the right time.

Chief Constable Giles York said: “The vehicle will allow Sussex 4×4 Response to be of even more assistance to us and the people of Sussex when we are most in need of help.

“The volunteers give up their time for free to support the emergency services and local authorities across the county in all weathers and at all times of the day and night. They do an amazing job.

“Good communication between those dealing with an emergency can help save lives so I’m delighted that this donation will make Sussex even safer – while building an even stronger bond with Sussex 4×4 Response.”

Sussex 4×4 Response chairman Dave Green said: “We are delighted with the relationship that has been built over the last two years between ourselves and Sussex Police.

“It’s a relationship based on mutual respect, which led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the force, We are extremely grateful for the donation of this vehicle which we will be able to put good use in providing a control centre for our volunteers when responding to incidents.”

Sussex 4×4 Response vice chairman Paul Cumbers said: “Getting a vehicle for command and control purposes had been debated in the past but no progress was made.

“The fact that we did not need to purchase the vehicle from Sussex Police also shows that officers consider us a resource worth supporting. I hope our relationship continues to strengthen over the coming years.”

Sussex 4×4 Response is a registered charity. Visit


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