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September print magazine

Crimes against businesses, close protection, the National Health Service’s IT, and the latest landmark in the patrolling tactic Project Servator – the September 2017 print issue of Professional Security Magazine brings you as ever the varied world of UK private security.

We’ve been following Servator – the police method of using ‘assets’ to maximum effect to disrupt and deter criminals including terrorists doing hostile reconnaissance – since 2013. We visited Essex Police on the first anniversary of their use of Servator at the Lakeside mall at Thurrock.

We hear about close protection, that we’ve not covered for a while; a CP man talks us through the various clients whose needs and routines are very different. The job is not about stopping a bullet – for one thing, because someone who wants the principal dead is hardly going to stop at firing one bullet? Rather, as with so much other security management, it’s about good preparation and planning and making sure that you don’t get into such a situation in the first place.

We continue to follow manned guarding by taking up an invite to have lunch with the new deputy MD of a guarding contractor based in and working mainly in London.

On the cyber side, we have our regular columnist Mike Gillespie, who wonders if we ought to talk in terms of safety, if that will get through to non-security people how poor security can threaten lives; and we go over the NIS (security of network and information systems) directive, another piece of European law, like the GDPR (general data protection regulations) that the UK is bringing in, regardless of the vote to leave the European Union last year.

Plus the regular features – four pages of new products and services, four pages of ‘spending the budget’, a page of book reviews. And on the technology side, we go over the Department for Transport report ‘Benefit of drones to the UK economy’, for clues to how misuse of drones, even for malicious purposes as a weapon, can be curbed.

You can read online issues of the magazine going back years plus the supplements – September’s magazine comes with a free 32-page camera and dome supplement – at the ‘magazine‘ part of the Professional Security website.


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