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Recruitment start-up

Security companies experience lengthy BS7858 vetting procedures when it comes to hiring new staff, which can create problems for HR and operation departments; according to a security recruitment start-up, which seeks to reduce lead times from 12 weeks to 15 days.

The UK private security sector has experienced a rapid increase in jobs as security requirements change, says Broadstone, which describes itself as a recruitment marketplace for the private security industry. But with recruitment and vetting slow, how can companies hire and train employees quickly and get them out on the job, and how can eligible job-seekers secure roles without lengthy paperwork and background checks slowing down the recruitment process?

Tom Pickersgill, director and founder at Broadstone, says his new service will make it easier and more effective for employers to hire temporary and permanent employees, and for job-seekers to access and apply for roles quickly:

The UK’s private security sector is worth £6bn per year, and globally stands at £265bn. Private security spend in the UK is forecasted to increase by nine per cent over the next five years and the number of jobs in the industry will increase by 10 to 12 per cent. There are 400,000 people in the UK working in the sector and it is expected that, by 2019, this will be more like 450,000 individuals.

But incredibly high turnover rates and high levels of security vetting required by employers create a constant challenge. The sector has traditionally been perceived to be a ‘closed shop’ with many jobseekers finding it difficult to access opportunities due to lengthy paperwork procedures and checks required to access positions. The high level of security vetting required by employers has created a constant challenge for both job seeker and employer but, according to Tom, there’s a new approach to provide a platform, which will make on-boarding new hires as frictionless as possible.

The new service includes compliant BS7858 vetting and background checking service for both employees and employers in the security industry. Broadstone has partnered with Experian, to offer a full, compliant vetting and background checking service carried out to BS7858 standard for employers in the security industry to benefit from. The app will feed directly into Experian, allowing the service to capture accurate data upfront to verify details, reducing lead times from 12 weeks to just 15 days. Checks are consistent and refreshed on a regular basis so that there is a full understanding of a job seeker’s work history, effectively creating a ‘job passport’ for recruits.

With this partnership, the two companies are changing the face of the private security sector. Employers benefit from an ‘on-demand’, licensed and fully vetted workforce at the click of a button. Meanwhile, job-seekers in the security sector will be empowered on where and for whom they work which will inevitably help bring new talent into the sector and drive growth in the industry. Our partnership with Experian will enable us to lead the way in security recruitment technology and give employers confidence in, and access to, a completely compliant, robustly vetted workforce. We are the first business in the sector to offer this and we predict that other start-ups and recruitment companies may follow suit in the coming years.

The private security sector is ripe for innovation so it’s important for organisations to keep up with technology and trends, forge useful partnerships, and embrace the technological innovations and digital trends to stay ahead in this competitive and increasingly important marketplace. Broadstone is aiming to attract over 60,000 individual job seekers to the platform by 2020 to provide temporary and permanent security for venues, events, and individuals around the UK.



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