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People power security

People will reshape business security in 2022 and beyond, writes Matthieu Le Taillandier, General Manager of France, UK, Ireland and Benelux, STANLEY Security.

It may be surprising to many that the most valuable asset when it comes to implementing a security program that both helps protect the business as well as powers its progress is not the technology – it’s the people. No matter how advanced technology becomes, impeccable security doesn’t just come down to the hardware and software that are installed.

Ultimately, it’s the individuals and teams behind the technology who are responsible for ensuring the correct processes, policies, and equipment are in place to help keep employees safe and valuable assets secure.

One of the biggest trends on the horizon for businesses is the use of security as a competitive advantage, and this will increasingly rely on a business’ people to achieve.

We know from research conducted in fall 2021 that technology adoption has rapidly accelerated during the pandemic, and this is true for security solutions as well. In fact, 78 per cent of businesses reported this when we surveyed leaders in September . When it comes to security solutions, nearly half (48pc) reported having implemented cloud security technology as a direct result of the pandemic.

With more technologies implemented than ever before, businesses may need someone dedicated to overseeing them. Of those we surveyed, 65pc say they expect to hire a new leader within in the next 18 months to do so. And more than one-third of businesses (38%) say they expect to hire a senior leader to oversee security, data, and privacy in the next five years. But what benefits can a dedicated leader like this bring to a business?

The key to unlocking the true value of security technology

As businesses are pressured to do more with less, many are looking to leverage their security solutions to drive efficiencies. It’s not surprising, since security infrastructure stores rich insights on what’s happening in and around facilities. For example, CCTV systems can help a business understand the use of office space and where bottlenecks are occurring most frequently. Importantly, these insights can provide businesses with a deeper look into their space management, allowing them to adjust in real time to create more efficient and effective work environments where employees can collaborate and be productive.

This information will become invaluable in 2022 as we adjust to a new phase of work, and businesses look to not only keep their people safe but optimise the office experience.

However, while technology can help identify insights like these, ultimately, people need to implement and act on them. Whether or not businesses hire a new senior leader responsible for collecting, analysing, and leveraging these insights, it’s clear there’s a huge opportunity that currently lies locked within security infrastructure.

At the same time, businesses are looking for the immediate value of enhanced oversight and visibility into their facility security. This has historically been one of the key advantages of a business security system, and it will likely be a top priority in 2022 as businesses re-evaluate their on-site operations.

Nearly three in five businesses (59pc) are planning to bring their employees back on-site full time in the next 18 months, while 30pc report that they have adopted a hybrid work model. In either case, businesses face challenges:

• With staff once again returning to site, how can they ensure the security, health, and safety of all employees?
• With staff on-site in limited numbers, how can they safeguard their assets?

Full, 360-degree visibility into security operations will be key, and 24/7 security monitoring will no doubt play an integral role in achieving this.

Even with all the advancements in security technologies – including the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning – businesses need somebody to actively monitor their operations and make the call if and when there’s a threat. This service is foundational to a robust security program and is powered not by technology, but by people.

Beyond 2022

As we look ahead, a balanced marriage of people and technology will be key in safeguarding the future of businesses’ workspaces. When security technology works in tandem with the right personnel, not only can businesses better protect their people and assets, but they are able to identify fundamental efficiencies that can help enhance their business for years to come.


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