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November 2018 print issue

Now on desks is the November 2018 print issue of Professional Security magazine. We take a look into the future, this issue and next. Here we ask about robots as guards. Such products are on the market, and have gone on display at such exhibitions as Security Essen in Germany in September.

Will they take the place of security officers, as part of the fearsome replacement of people with robots and software, affecting workplaces more generally? Or might security management be relatively unscathed by such changes, if robots cannot do some things that only a person safely and legally can – such as restrain someone? Or might we see security guards with robot buddies – the shape of things to come, even if we cannot quite yet predict the shape of the robot, whether stubby and on wheels or with limbs?!

We go back in time too, given the recent highly popular BBC1 TV drama The Bodyguard, to the summer’s day in 1922 when political assassins struck on a doorstep in London SW1, and trace the steps that the killers took as they fled, pursued by police and passers-by.

In the present, we feature the Women in Security awards night on the Thames; hospital drones in Barnsley; Consec, the annual conference of the Association of Security Consultants; physical and cyber threats to cashpoint machines; work by retailers, police and credit card issuer Visa to combat credit card fraud; word from the Security Commonwealth; and such regulars as the book review page, four pages of ‘spending the budget’, four pages of new products and services; and Roy Cooper’s industry gossip.

To read free and online the magazine going back years, visit the ‘magazine‘ section of this website. To request a print copy of the magazine, email

Image from a 1940 issue of Modern World Magazine.


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