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June print edition

Now dropping through letter boxes and freely available to read as a flip-document on the website, is the June print edition of Professional Security magazine.

The Premier League football season has just finished and won’t start again until early August – ten weeks away. Does that mean clubs’ stadia go quiet and the security and other staff can put their feet up? No, in a word, because they are likely to host pop concerts or other events; and in the case of West Ham, that west London club doesn’t even own its home (pictured), the 2012 Olympic stadium. Clubs typically have shops and are part of ever-larger campuses, with a hotel, other sports facilities and in the case of the champions Manchester City FC, besides their stadium the Etihad, they have a tram stop, and opening next door next year will be Co-op Live, styled as the UK’s biggest indoor arena. To sum up, then, security at such places doesn’t stop, and it’s as varied as can be.

We look besides at the security of elite sportsmen – it’s routine that the schedules of VIPs such as royalty are released at the last minute if at all, to give anyone with evil intent less or no time to plot anything malicious. However, if you are a famous footballer playing a league match or in Europe, anyone watching the match on TV can see that you’re not at home – where does that leave the players’ home security?! It matters to clubs because a player upset by a break-in (or having to pick the pieces up with his family) may not play so well – which definitely ought to make it the club’s business. But are clubs doing enough?

As ever, we’ve been out and about, and we feature a Bristol-based alarm receiving centre (ARC), and in Bournemouth the council CCTV control room, and the town’s CSAS officers – community safety accreditation scheme patrollers. We look forward to the biggest show of the year – the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Given that run-up to the 2012 Olympics produced some embarrassing publicity for the private security sector, as sole guarding contractor G4S had to publicly admit to the Government that it couldn’t meet the contract because it hadn’t enough people, how is Birmingham doing?

From our latest Security TWENTY event, ST22 Glasgow, we report on what our editorial board member, the info-security awareness trainer and consultant Mike Gillespie, had to say about surveillance in the workplace.

Whatever your interest in private security, there’s always something in each edition of Professional Security for you – whether a consultant, installer or security manager, or whether you work in crime prevention or guarding or on the electronic and network security side. Hence we feature among other things the crime reporting line Crimestoppers, fly-tipping, the health and safety watchdog HSE’s recent changes to PPE rules, and illegal drugs.

Plus regulars such as MD Roy Cooper’s gossip page for manufacturers and distributors; four pages of ‘spending the budget’; and four pages of new products and services.

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