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July 2019 print magazine

Now landing on desks is the July 2019 print issue of Professional Security magazine. Its lead article is a major feature on what we found on our day’s visit to Somerset; the Hinkley Point C new-build nuclear power station, to be precise, as guests of EDF Energy site security manager Frank Cannon.

Such a major feature in fact that we are having to run it over three months; the first coincides with a Security Institute conference at Hinkley Point, on the security considerations for construction sites, on July 11. That is one of the two main themes of the article; how to do security on a large building site that also has to keep health and safety in mind, while keeping to a timetable; and, Hinkley Point C while not yet with nuclear material on the site, will become part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure for decades to come. Hence it’s requiring all kinds of security, physical, electronic and cyber, all needing to satisfy the sector regulator, the ONR.

Also in the July mag; our morning at the west London offices of International SOS, where the Security Institute held a business travel security seminar. Plus we report with words and pictures from the ACS Pacesetters annual awards lunch at Windsor for contract guarding companies; the annual counter-fraud and internal audit conference at the University of Portsmouth, as guest of Prof Mark Button; and the security and stewarding aspects of the ICC Cricket World Cup, running in this country this month and next. Talking of sport, there’s an update on how some clubs are looking for an answer to a safety (and related security) issue at top league grounds in the Premier and English Football League.

Plus pages on protest, best use of intelligence, cyber, and campus security; where we round off our coverage of the annual Aucso chiefs of university conference by considering what sort of security students actually want and respond to.

Plus all the regulars; four pages of ‘spending the budget’, and four pages of new products and services; book review page; and magazine MD Roy Cooper’s gossip page for installers, distributors and manufacturers.

You can read past copies of the magazine free online at If you would like to see a print copy, email your details to


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