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Lawnmowers, power tools and bikes – these high value items are among the most common items stored in British sheds. However, most of the UK is failing to use adequate protection to secure them, new research from a DIY and home improvement retailer has suggested.

One in five even revealed they don’t secure their shed at all, despite the fact that 92pc of the nation could not confidently estimate the value of the items in their shed. The study for Wickes found a lack of awareness and understanding around outdoor security, with almost one in five (18pc) admitting that they’d never even thought about securing their shed.

Top Five Items Stored in British Sheds

1. Lawnmowers (71pc)
2. Garden Furniture (64pc)
3. Power tools (42pc)
4. Bikes (41pc)
5. Children’s outdoor toys (28pc)

Out of those who are taking steps to secure their shed, over half (55pc) are only using one padlock. Complacency about not being at risk from burglary, the firm suggests, is meaning that many Brits are lacking in wider security measures for their outdoor areas and despite police records reporting 779,000 domestic burglaries a year in the UK, less than 10pc of Brits own a CCTV system and only two in five (38pc) residents having alarms installed in their homes. However, as winter nights draw in, Brits are becoming increasingly concerned about being burgled, with over half of respondents reporting that they are most worried about being burgled in the last three months of the year.

To help consumers secure themselves and their belongings this winter, Wickes have partnered with reformed ex-professional burglar turned security adviser, Michael Fraser. Co-presenter of the BBC’s “Beat the Burglar” and a principal mentor in C4’s “Going Straight”, Michael Fraser is now acting as Wickes’ Security Expert. He says: “Time and time again, I see people who allow valuable items to mount up in their sheds – a power tool here, a bike there, it’s so easy to do without realising! However, as this research shows, it is often the case that the public are not being vigilant in protecting themselves and their property.”

Michael Fraser’s five tips for home security this winter:

1. One lock on the front door of a property is not enough. You should have at least a 5 lever deadlock as well, like this Yale deadlock.

2. Prominent window locks are a must! Install Wickes uPVC window locks on all windows so they can be seen, especially from the front of the property.

3. Padlock any gates at the back of the property at 1.2m and 2m and make sure you use three Wickes Parliament hinges.

4. Don’t have a calendar in the kitchen facing the back window telling the burglar when you’re not in!

5. Have a small Yale safe fitted upstairs for valuables and important paperwork.


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