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EPIC spring seminar

A new start was the title of the Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce (EPIC) spring seminar at Henley-on-Thames Rugby Club on Thursday, February 25.

Acting chairman Bob Titley, a former Staffordshire Police man, opened the day by saying: “We have gone through some change over the last six months.” The constitution has been changed, to extend membership to the ‘police family’, so that not only retiring police officers can join, but police staff, ‘which we hope will extend the skill range of EPIC members and benefit us all in our lines of business.

“EPIC can only survive by increasing its membership and widening its membership base, and your executive committee have worked very hard over the last six months to try and do that. Looking around the room, it is clear that with your continued support EPIC can go on from strength to strength.”

The group’s next seminar is at Chester on Thursday, June 23 – that Prime Minister David Cameron has since set as the date for the referendum on European Union membership. Bob Titley said that if members felt that the date should change, to let him know. Pictured left to right are the EPIC executive committee: Tony Cooke (secretary), Bob Titley, Sarah Barker, Keely Taylor (membership) and Dick Titley (events). Not in picture: Rob Smith (marketing).

Of the speakers, and talking of the EU, the long-time investigator and privacy law specialist Chris Brogan warned that the security industry was ill-prepared for the EU data protection legislation and directive, yet to be ratified formally by the 28 member states but imminent; and due to become national law in the next couple of years as the UK will have to update its 1998 Data Protection Act in line with Europe (if it stays in the EU; but as Chris Brogan suggested, opting out of Europe would not mean an end to abiding by data protection law, particularly if you have clients on the Continent). Among its provisions will be the requirement to report (to the UK data protection regulator the ICO) security breaches of data within 72 hours.

Other speakers included Nigel Thomas of Blue Mountain the close protection and training company; Rosey Rihani of RR Legal, on the legal essentials for business; Mary Thomas of Concise Training, on use of social media to promote yourself and your business; Chris Booth, MD of Palatine R&D on due diligence and checking and tracing, who discussed the databases available; Bernard Seymore of Linder Myers LLP on employment contracts, and terms and conditions; and Martin Hall of Grieves Pryce on CVs. More in the April 2016 print issue of Professional Security magazine.

Sir Peter Fahy the former Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable, has become a patron of EPIC. Visit


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