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Data security on You and Yours

Data security was featured on the Radio 4 You and Yours programme on Friday, June 14.

Listeners were taken inside a well-secured data centre. A R4 guest, Tony Neate, is CEO of Get Safe Online, a former 30-year police officer. He said: “Data centres take security to the extreme.” But his point; security is only as strong as the weak link. And it is for PC users to protect their computers – and mobile devices. It’s relatively easy, Neate said, and is a matter of making sure you have the right safeguards in place, to make sure criminals are not coming into your computer. He advised buying a good piece of security software package; and keeping it up to date. Also, update your applications such as Word and Acrobat, and operating systems, whether Apple or Microsoft. Make sure your firewall is turned on, and your wireless is secured. One of the problems, he said, is that computers are relatively cheap, so that it takes a lot, relatively speaking, to protect them. But Neate pointed to the value of photographs and other things you keep online. “And you don’t have to pay for [computer] security. But say you have to pay £30 or £40 a year; that has got to be worth it, to know all these personal pieces of data are protected.”



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