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CSO standard

For use when developing a senior security management, ASIS International has released a revised ANSI/ASIS Chief Security Officer—An Organizational Model Standard. The US-based security management body says that the CSO standard replaces the 2008 ANSI/ASIS Chief Security Officer Organizational ANSI standard. ASIS is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.

Jerry Brennan, technical committee chair, and chief executive, Security Management Resources, said: “Early on, it was determined that the standard’s purpose was to state the risks that need to be managed within an organization—of any size—and based on those risks, determine the skills and competencies needed to manage those risks. By identifying who owns what, who is accountable, and what is shared, organizations can then determine what is needed within its ‘senior security executive’ position and the competencies that are best suited for that role.”

ASIS says that the standard’s model for a senior leadership position is designed as a guide for the development and implementation of a strategic security framework. The structure is characterized by appropriate, prevention, preparedness, and necessary responses to changes in threats. Specific considerations and responses are also addressed for deliberation by individual organisations based on risk assessment, requirements, intelligence, and assumptions.

Charles Baley, ASIS Standards and Guidelines Commission Liaison and chief security officer, Farmers Group, Inc said: “The perspective through which organizations evaluate and integrate operational risk within their strategic plan continues to be a dynamic process which not only impacts the role of the ‘senior security executive’ but also the position or positions that may assume that role. This standard focuses on the importance of the function and not a single title or position.”

Applicable to the private and public sectors, ASIS add that the standard provides a methodology to evaluate and respond to a spectrum of threats to tangible and intangible assets. Visit the ASIS website for a detailed pdf.


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