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Compliance forum

An inaugural global compliance and ethics forum is running in London on June 24 and 25.

According to the event organiser at IBC Legal, Sarah Cole, senior conference director: “The long arms of the US, Europe, Asia and Russia are exposing multi-jurisdictional companies to frighteningly high fines and negative reputational impact in relation to all compliance areas.”

Professor Mark Pieth, former Chairman, of the Working Group on Bribery at the OECD, is giving a talk on the second morning, Wednesday, June 25, on the globalisation of compliance standards. Other speakers include Chad Fentress, VP, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Nokia; and Jonathan Shapiro, Integrity Compliance Officer at the World Bank. The line between gifts and incentives for staff, and entertainment and bribes will be traced by Eileen Radford, Director, Advisory Services, at Trace International; and Carolyn Lindsey, Senior International Compliance Counsel, at NBC Universal.

Topics include ways of showing compliance; auditing, inspecting and termination rights of third party contracts with agents, suppliers and in joint ventures; money laundering – assessing the risk to your business; whistle-blowing (changing culture to speaking up, suggest the consultant Neville Tiffen and Tamara Northcott, Head of Compliance and Corporate Secretariat at the telecoms firm Vodafone); data protection, such as data retention procedure, acceptable use policies for staff and laptop hard drive encryption; the data protection and other challenges of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace; and employee engagement – the challenge of getting your staff on board, and monitoring whether employee buy-in is just lip service.

After the conference proper, workshops are running on the third day, June 26.

For details of the event at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, in central London, and to register email or ring 020 7017 5503. Visit to register; quoting VIP code FKW82457PSWL will entitle readers to a 10 per cent discount.


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