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Commonwealth tenth

The Security Commonwealth met for the tenth time, in London on Tuesday, November 7, the first in the chair for Joe Connell, the chairman of the Association of Security Consultants (ASC). Briefly, the Commonwealth, a grouping of security associations and groups, is coming up to three years old and was begun by the then chairman of the Security Institute, Emma Shaw.

Afterwards Joe Connell called it a very informative and engaging meeting of minds. He outlined ideas for how the Security Commonwealth (SyCom) could develop. “This included a proposal for an equitable form of governance to reflect the unique representative role and nature of SyCom, plus ‘aims and objectives’ that will contribute to a rolling three-year business plan, once finalised. Vitally, it is important to note that SyCom should act as a facilitator, a portal, and as a force-multiplier for its member organisations, never as a dictator or as a competitor. Hence, the proposed aims are grouped under the following three headings ‘COLLABORATE, COMMUNICATE and INFLUENCE’.”

The governance and planning proposals will be circulated for members to consider and to contribute to by January 1. Joe added: “The on-going work by SyCom’s membership organisations is truly impressive and many fine ideas emanated from around the table relating to the future development of SyCom.” He thanked Dave Clark, the chairman of ASIS UK, and the former chair of SyCom; Dave Cooke ‘whose organisational wizardry keeps us all in the right place at the right time’, and Graham Bassett and Mike Hurst for their ‘unstinting support and wise counsel in developing SyCom and its public image’.


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