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Chatham House on drugs

In an article on the Chatham House website, Claire Yorke, Manager, and Benoît Gomis, Researcher, International Security, at the think-tank Chatham House suggest that the 50-year war on drugs has failed and that a new approach is needed.

They quote Ken Clarke, the British Justice Secretary, who ‘recently joined the list of serving politicians making comments on drug policy previously only heard from those safely in retirement. Speaking to the Home Affairs Select Committee on drugs policy in early July he said: ‘We have been engaged in a war against drugs for 30 years. We’re plainly losing it. We have not achieved very much progress. The same problems come round and round … We are all disappointed by the fact that far from making progress it could be argued we are going backwards at times.’ Despite this perceptible shift in the debate, questions remain: what shape will such change take, and how can such a complex challenge be made less politically toxic for policy-makers around the world?’

For the article in full visit the Chatham House website.


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