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Charity fraud guide

According to research by the National Fraud Authority, an estimated £1.1 billion is lost to fraud within the charity sector. As part of a collective effort to tackle fraud and drive this figure down, a number of charity, law enforcement and public sector organisations have joined up to instigate a charity fraud project.



As part of this work the group has produced a charity fraud guide, to hep the trustees and managers of charities prevent, detect and report fraud.  The guide brings together guidance and advice from other sources, including the Charity Commission and Fraud Advisory Panel, to provide an overview of the key aspects of charity fraud. As well as providing guidance for charities, the group has also collaborated under the Fraud Advisory Panel to produce guidance for donors – Giving Safely: A guide to making sure your donations really count.


Both of these guides will be launched at a breakfast meeting on Friday, June 1, hosted by Lloyds TSB in London. There will be short presentations by Edward Nkune, Director of the National Fraud Authority, Rosalind Wright CB QC, Chair of the Fraud Advisory Panel and charities that have been affected by fraud, and a panel discussion and Q&A session including Michelle Russell, Head of Investigations and Enforcement at the Charity Commission.


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