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CCTV on social media

Would be criminals are being warned to watch out as police broadcast high-definition CCTV footage on social media.

Blackpool South Shore Police have released images from CCTV footage showing a man and woman responsible for distracting and stealing a purse from an elderly lady in an Aldi store in Blackpool.

Images of the pair, which were captured on high-definition security cameras by Sunderland-based Hadrian Technology, have appeared on Facebook. The intention is to encourage residents to circulate the post and identify the thieves.

Hadrian Technology, the CCTV installers, fitted the cameras within Aldi stores, to produce images for crime detection. The images, which clearly show the individuals responsible for this crime, are so precise, they lend themselves well to being shared on social media platforms by the police, which are increasingly being used to encourage communities to share such posts and help arrest those caught on camera.

The quality and precision of the images captured in the store were taken with systems using ‘High Definition Serial Digital Interface’ (HD-SDI). Gary Trotter, pictured, from Hadrian said: “Providing our client with the most advanced technology can result in images up to 15 times clearer than SKY HD. Combining such high quality imagery with advanced, multi camera search functions means it is now possible to retrieve and view any given incident from several camera perspectives almost instantly. This helps in eliminating false accusations and provides increased evidence where a criminal offence has occurred. Together with social media I see it becoming a far more widely used tool in crime prevention.

“I applaud the police for their initiative. It is bound to have a positive impact both on the prevention and conviction rate of crime in the retail environment. Previous to HD-SDI, the quality of CCTV imagery was simply too poor to be used in this way.”


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