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Business advice on TV

A television programme is to explore the issue of protecting UK businesses against crime.

The Managing Director of Associated Security Solutions Limited, Stephen Turner offers advice as part of the 30-minute ‘Responsible Business: Business Security’ documentary which will be aired at 8pm on Wednesday, December 19.

‘Responsible Business: Business Security’ will outline the security challenges facing businesses, and provide information and tips to business owners, directors and managers on protecting their premises and assets.

Stephen Turner, pictured, said: “Security is a vital consideration for businesses of all types, particularly in the current economic climate when crime against businesses is increasing. To meet insurance specifications, cash, keys, important documents and valuable goods such as jewellery must be stored securely.”

The risk of crime is heightened over the festive period when late opening times and dark nights are particularly hazardous on the high street. As featured in the January 2013 print issue of Professional Security, the Centre for Retail Research estimates that total Christmas losses in the UK will reach £999.7m this year. This is up by 3.4 per cent compared to 2011, an increase of £33m . Recent flooding in some parts of the country highlighted that elements beyond human control can also put businesses at risk, damaging property and making premises vulnerable to vandals and thieves.

Stephen added: “If recent riots and floods have taught us anything, it is that security must be preventative rather than reactive. However, whilst the recession has contributed to a spike in criminal attacks, it has also tightened budgets and many businesses consequently have less money to invest in security solutions at a time when the need could not be greater.

“Having the correct security systems in place now will minimise the risk of crime and deter theft, and can also protect against fire and flood, saving businesses a considerable amount of money and inconvenience down the line. However, without expert advice, it can be difficult to identify exactly what level of security and investment is required.”

“It is also important that security equipment such as safes, connecting air tubes carrying cash and access control systems are adequately maintained. Having a planned preventative maintenance programme in place is a cost-effective way of ensuring that devices are 100% fit for purpose and will avoid expensive last minute call-outs and repairs if an incident occurs.”

About Associated Security Solutions

The 70-year-old family firm supplies, installs and services safes, locks and access control. The company has branches in Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and London, and maintenance vehicles, locksmiths and engineers.

‘Responsible Business: Business Security’ is part of a new ‘Executive Television’ series. The programme will be broadcast for the first time on Wednesday, December 19, at 8pm on SKY digital channel 212 and BBC/ITV Freesat channel 401. There will be another chance to see the programme on Wednesday 2nd January at 8.00pm and also online at

For more about Associated Security Solutions, visit:


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