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Action Fraud rolls on

The Metropolitan Police has become the latest force to roll out with Action Fraud.

Action Fraud has been accessible to the public, businesses and charities since its launch in October 2009, and now all police forces in England and Wales are changing to using Action Fraud as their central reporting channel rather than using separate force systems.

The roll out of Action Fraud to police forces commenced in November 2012, with the forces staggered by region to accommodate demand and ensure a satisfactory experience for victims. Including the five pilot forces, a total of 36 forces are now ‘live’ with Action Fraud, with the remainder going ‘live’ by the end of March 2013.

Steve Proffitt, Head of Action Fraud said: “Action Fraud has now been operational for over three years, and in that time we have attracted over 1 million visitors to our website and helped over 300,000 people deal with the serious consequences of fraud and internet crime. As the one-stop-shop for advice and reporting of fraud and internet crime, Action Fraud has taken over 126,000 crime reports on behalf of the police. Providing this central reporting hub enables crime data from across the country to be linked though analysis, with the output helping police to act on this intelligence and catch more fraudsters. It is important to report any experience of fraud or internet crime, as this can help other people from becoming victims themselves.”

How to report a fraud – visit

You can use an online fraud reporting tool, or ring 0300 123 2040.


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