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A woman’s story

Julie Hines, of Sodexo, on a day in the life.

The SIA training gave me a good indication of what is expected of me in my role as a security officer and the experience gives me the confidence to carry out my duties to the best of my ability. The early and middle shift can be sociable, where service spirit comes into play and certainly gives me the opportunity to meet a vast amount of people from all walks of life.

The majority of the people are quite pleasant as you do your best to help them with their inquiries, on the understanding that some people who are coming to a hospital could be very unwell, so a little compassion is very much appreciated. Transferring cash around the hospital could be nerve-wracking, but with security escort the job is stress-free to the staffs that require this facility, and the job is done in no time.

The night shift can be a little daunting, so I use this time to improve my CCTV skills, of which I find very rewarding, especially when there has been a bike theft or an incident. Sifting thought the data, finding the person or persons responsible and collecting as much information as possible to help the police with their enquiries – that’s satisfying.

We have three mental health wards at Queen Mary’s and at times the patents can get frustrated and can become aggressive towards the staff, so security assistance is required. Most of the time, the patients can be talked into a calmer state. However there are times that restraining is necessary. For which team spirit and the physical intervention and the restraining course, comes instantly to mind.

Since becoming a security office, this is not just a job to me, it’s become a passion. Spirit of progress is a new challenge and there is and always will be something more to learn.


Separately, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and Skills for Security (SfS) are seeking to draw more women to careers in the security sector. Sought are the views of female students yet to embark on their career, and women already working in the security sector, with a view to challenging misconceptions of security as a male-oriented career choice. For details visit –


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