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HESCO, the military barrier manufacturers, have launched HESCO TERRABLOCK. Here’s a Q&A with the UK and US firm.

How will TERRABLOCK move into the civilian market?

TERRABLOCK is an evolution of Hesco’s defensive barrier system, using capability in design, and through development alongside customer requirements and security specialists the HESCO R&D Team have created a barrier that can blend into urban streetscape reducing visual impact but not reducing the military grade protective capabilities.

What are the stand-out features that separate you from other fencing?

All TERRABLOCK products are completely surface mounted, designed for purpose, offering a unique combination barrier of anti-climb, blast and vehicle protection and the original and defining feature of TERRABLOCK is the ability to transform flat packed units into structures using minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material. You can install any of the barriers without needing to dig or set concrete foundations, simply unpack, pin the sections together, and add ballast for complete protection.

Why are vehicle being used as weapons and how can TERRABLOCK stop these threats?

Vehicles provide an accessible delivery mechanism for explosives (VBIED) or to use the actual vehicle itself as a ramming weapon. A vehicle is very easy to obtain, difficult to trace and provides a platform to carry a large amount of explosives. A vehicle affords the driver a certain degree of protection when carrying out an attack and can easily get within close proximity to the intended target/s as it is very difficult to distinguish a VBIED from other vehicles. Our NEW TERRABLOCK units feature a patented Energy Transfer System (ETS) designed to protect critical infrastructure at risk of attack. Crash rated to ASTM 2656- 15:M50P1, TERRABLOCK XV stops a 6,800 KG vehicle traveling at 50mph, and has been blast tested against 10kg high explosive charges with superficial damage.

Urban settings; what difficulties can this present and what solutions should companies look for?

In urban settings the use of barriers which impedes the flow of traffic or people are often discouraged and there is often a strict limit to what can be placed in the ground in terms of foundations for protective street furniture due to the number of services just below ground level, such as utility pipes, ducting and telecommunications equipment. In order to avoid these issues the use of surface mounted or very shallow mounted security products are often being used in combination with products that are in keeping with the various planning regulations as well as aesthetics. HESCO TERRABLOCK range is completely surface-mounted security barriers, designed for corporate and civilian environments and engineered to provide security and safety for the public and workforces, offering the best in surface mounted protection with minimal impact on environment and aesthetics, allowing people and businesses to operate as normal with peace of mind.

Proven to protect?

Crash testing standards are important for benchmarking products which claim to offer protection against vehicles of a certain weight impacting barriers at various speeds. It provides a customer with a certain degree of confidence in the product knowing that it has been tested to a required standard. The entire TERRABLOCK range have been crash tested, surpassing standards and each unit have been tested to perform against combinations of threats by leading testing authorities and by our experienced engineers and technicians. With each new development, and with new emerging threats, we continue to test our products in a diverse range of environments, ensuring each unit remains at the forefront of protection.


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