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CCTV in care home debate

As featured in the June print issue of Professional Security magazine, CCTV cameras in care homes is a highly emotive subject, says a union.

GMB, a trade union for staff at HC-One, the third largest care home provider in Britain, is carrying out a consultation on installing visible CCTV cameras in all of its care homes.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Officer for the care sector, said: “Cameras in care homes is a highly emotive subject which provokes understandably strong views and today’s conviction in Somerset throws the debate wide open. The care and safety of residents on the one hand and the rights to privacy of staff and residents on the other, are both very important and rightly raise strong feelings, such a big step therefore requires very careful consideration.

“HC-One has been the first major care home operator to consider the introduction of visible cameras in residents bedrooms and has wisely approached this with caution. GMB is in the process of talking to our 6,000 members in 227 HC-One care homes to seek their views as they are the experts in providing care to the vulnerable and elderly.”


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