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Grime crime image publicity

An east London council says images of suspected of fly tippers, litter louts and assorted enviro-criminals will be published. Barking and Dagenham councillors agreed on publicity for CCTV images of perpetrators such crime.

Councillor Laila Butt, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Community Safety said: “We want to wipe out grime crime in Barking and Dagenham. But to detect and deter fly tippers, litter louts and make our borough cleaner, we will look to publish images of anyone carrying out such anti-social behaviour. Publishing images is part of our new get tough approach and wider war on grime crime. It’s about making Barking and Dagenham a cleaner, better borough.”

The council proposes a consistent and proportionate approach for the publication of images and cases of those who commit acts of enviro-crime and anti-social behaviour. Images may be circulated to the national, regional and local media and could be used in a proposed ‘rogues’ gallery’ on the council’s website and social media platforms.

The council says that it deals with an average of 5,600 complaints of enviro-crime and anti-social behaviour a year. And its Street Enforcement Team issued over 1,200 fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping and littering offences in 2015/16, while the Anti-Social Behaviour Team dealt with 810 cases resulting in 29 civil injunctions. The council spends an average of £190,000 a year clearing fly-tips and waste dumped on borough streets and parks.


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